Tactical Training Videos

David has dedicated his life to helping people learn to avoid conflict, dominate a fight, and become very resilient in the face of extreme duress. Soldiers, federal agents, police and cvilians have benefited from his experience and simple methods over the past several decades. These videos show some of the "like Life" training he has created in order to accomplish this important mission.

Special Operations Little Bird Water Egress

On a cold fall day with snow on the mountains David Burnell went to Utah Lake with former 160th Special Operations and trained the Jordanian Special Operations Little Bird Pilots and trained a friendly nation in down pilot water egress. The day before this training dry runs were performed in an aircraft hanger on the ladder. Prior to that David was in the pool with them doing dunk tank drills with emergency underwater aircraft escape drills with bailout oxygen bottles. Fred Horsley a renown Special Operations pilot and former Green Beret was David's pilot. Fred died while training for missions in Afghanistan in 2013. R.I.P. Brother.

Combat Stress Program Insights

David openly reflects on the life changing results that came from the Combat Stress Program which was provided FREE to military units, police agencies and federal agents through his Urban Warfare Center which he founded and ran from 2002-2012.

The Risk of Helping Others - Should You?

How would YOU do when put into a seemingly impossible scenario where you must make critical decisions based on very little information? This video is a force-on-force human vs human scenario for civilians that have a concealed weapons permit and want to be tested in as close to the real thing as possible without the risk of injury or death. These scenarios were run in the Urban Warfare Center using airsoft guns and world class role players.

Hostage Rescue Training

This is a very brief but inside look into the dynamics of the Urban Warfare Center Hostage Rescue Training David provided to Military, Police, Federal Agents and some civilians on a special basis. Intense and life changing for anyone who attended.

"The Garden" Mud Pit Training for Movie Actors

Short inside look at Special Operations MUD indoctrination training as David Burnell and his Cadre train up actors in the Urban Warfare Center to play Navy SEALs in the film "The 11th Hour" by John Lyde.

Urban Training for a Deploying Army Unit

David was asked to train up a deploying Army Unit at Camp Williams in Utah. Tehy were taught assaults and Mobile Operations in Urban Terrain (MOUT).

Counter Terrorism Training

This is a Counter Terror and Body Guard School owned by a former Israeli commando. David attended this course in 2010 and taught off and on for a few years afterwards.

Live Fire Shoot and Move demonstration

Doing a live fire team shoot. move and communicate DEMO at the Counter Terrorism School.

Unconventional Preparedness Seminar

From growing up on violent streets in Los Angeles County to the Urban Warfare Center where he training thousands of soldiers and police, to the streets of Haiti and the jungles of Burma David has been involved in unconventional missions all over the globe. The same principles he has used for success in these austere environments are shared with you and your group in this live seminar.

Army Urban Warfare Pre-deployment Training

This is a very raw, but real view inside a training day for U.S. soldiers getting ready to deploy to a combat zone. This training was provided by David Burnell and his cadre of instructors in his Urban Warfare Center for FREE to help them obtain fundamental Urban Fighting skill sets and understand the dynamics of stress in combat before they go down range.