Self-defense Concepts Course (FREE)

"I want you to be safe. I have spent much of my life in the pursuit of rescuing and protecting people. My mission has also been to prepare people to survive and dominate the worst possible environments, and some of the most complex circumstances in the world. How much is your safety worth? This course is FREE in order to get the information out to ALL good people. My mission is to exchange a lifetime of knowledge and experience in an organized way through these online courses to help you avoid and dominate a violent confrontation, prepare for the future and mitigate risk."  - David Burnell

Welcome to the Self-defense Concepts Course

This course will give you the critical and proven methods used by special operations, agents and specialists that see threats and avoid problems before they happen. Created and taught by veteran defensive tactics instructor, bodyguard for high risk areas, founder of the Urban Warfare Center, former National AKTA Taekwondo Champion and author of the popular Defensive Tactics online and DVD series sold at major retailers.


This is an overview of what is in the FREE Self-defense Concepts Course...

The right to defend yourself

You have the right by your God given natural rights to move freely and experience life without becoming the object of another persons desires or will.  You have the right to defend YOU.

The right to armed self-preservation is derived from Graeco-Roman Natural Rights theory, clearly enunciated by the Roman statesman Cicero (106–43 B.C.) and other stoic philosophers, influenced by Aristotle...


Should you run? Should you strike back? Should you call for help? Necessity is the most important word in the English language when it comes to preparedness and self-defense.  It can help us understand the most important thing that we should focus on in a crisis as well as daily life. This short video helps you understand this important word in the context of being safe and prepared...

The Color Code of Mental Awareness

This model is the key to living in safety and giving ourselves time to act or react to a potential threat.  This model can help prevent a problem before it happens.

The good samaritan dilemma

Most of us are aware of the story of the good samaritan. Most of us want to help others, we must balance this important service with the principle of risk vs benefit.  Is it worth the risk to our safety for the benefit of the person we want to help?

Predators and Parallax Vision

An apex predator is an animal that dominates the food chain by their flawless stalking and hunting techniques.

Parallax vision - Forward facing eyes allow for binocular or stereoscopic vision, which allows an animal to see and judge depth. Predators need this depth perception to track, pursue and ultimately catch their prey...

Preventing an Attack

There are many things you can do to avoid being a victim.  This video speaks to some of the most important and below is a solid list of practical things to consider...

The Box or Your "Personal Space"

This is about understanding that you own your personal space, and that you are soley responsible to determine who and how close anyone can get to your body...

Assessing Risk Factors

Can you tell what a real threat looks like? Watch this video to find out!

What Attackers Do Not Like

This is a clear overview of what bad guys do NOT like...


How do we bring the levels of aggression down. How do we reduce the potential of getting in a physical confrontation? Check it out!

Breaking the Cycle of an Attack

How do we change the path of aggresssion and reduce our chance of physical injury? Check it out!

Observe Orient Decide and Act (OODA)

This refers to the strategic advantage that a decision maker gets over his or her opponent when he or she observes the situation and orients themselves and then decides and acts accordingly...

Surprise, Speed and Violence of Action

This is a timeless principle of self-defense... check it out!

Brain Theory and Stress

How does the brain effect an attack or enable us to prevent one? Check this video out!

Self-defense Concepts summary

An EXCELLENT summary of the critical component to be SAFE...


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"I loved it, more please! :D Great beginner course to self-defense. I'm looking forward to future courses as well. Learning some body weight technics would be high on my list!"

Alyssa Lutz