The Velvet Hammer Podcast

The Velvet Hammer Podcast is a hard hitting series with clarity regarding missions, training and world events. These stories are sometimes intense, but are always filled with powerful lessons in life. David is a Military Veteran, Former Dive Rescue International Instructor, National Taekwondo Champion, Defensive Tactics Instructor, Firearms Instructor, Certified Bodyguard for High Risk Areas and a successful businessman.

Look for this INTENSE, HEART WARMING, HONEST AND HARD HITTING Podcast by searching "David Burnell The Velvet Hammer" on all major podcast channels.

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“Always packed with wisdom and humor, Dave’s talks are never disappoint. He is a humble yet forceful teacher that will capture your attention and leave you feeling his genuine love and care. We all need the “velvet hammer” at times to motivate and inspire us to do better. I hope and pray Dave has more opportunity to share his experiences and testimony.”

Brian Wagstaff