Speaker | Veteran | Entrepreneur | Instructor | Rescuer | Humanitartian | Bodyguard

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David has operated around the globe for over 30 years in every climate and terrain as a humanitarian, veteran, rescuer, instructor and certified bodyguard for high risk areas. David is the author of the acclaimed Defensive Tactics series which has been widely distributed through major retailers. His missions span the globe and range from military and intense rescue/recovery operations to heartwarming humanitarian missions in places like Haiti, Nicaragua and Burma. David is a successful businessman and has created several companies from startup to exit.

Introduction Video

His experience spans the globe from military operations to hundreds of rescue and recovery missions. They also include heartwarming humanitarian missions in places like Haiti, Nicaragua and Burma. In these videos David shares some of the most impactful life changing moments. 

"It is all about loving, learning, listening, laughing and lifting those around us." - David

Core values

This is a short inside glimpse into the reasons why David Burnell goes to far away places to tries against heavy odds to make a difference.

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“David Burnell has been a teacher, mentor, friend, and example to me for more than a decade. I have sat and learned at his feet, trained with him, and worked beside him. I have never met a man more fit for a calling in life than David - and this IS a calling. He was born to lead, born to teach, born to fight for what is noble and right, and born to be a force for good against what oftentimes seems to be overwhelming opposition in this world. David has taken his natural physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual gifts and, through the blood, sweat, and tears of service and sacrifice to his fellow man, become the consummate warrior leader. He would charge into a fight or fire all alone and against all odds to save an innocent stranger. He has done it. I would follow him anywhere. He has been one of the biggest inspirations and influences in my life as a husband and father, as a professional businessman, as a paramedic first responder, as a front line emergency medicine provider, as a SAR team member, and as man of faith. If you are striving to be better or if you have been tasked with helping others strive to be better, David Burnell can and will play a major role in helping you accomplish your goals. He has done this in my life on more occasions than I can count. I am a different and much better man because of him and to know him is a blessing beyond measure." 

Corbin Allred